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Simplifying the rental application process.
Are you a RENTER or a LANDLORD?
Never fill out a rental application again.
Complete your Turnkey rental profile once & share with landlords to seamlessly apply for rentals with the click of a button.
turnkey screenshot - profile page from renter's view
turnkey screenshot - profile page from renter's view
Don’t lose the perfect space to another applicant.
Having a complete Turnkey profile allows landlords to easily review your credentials and makes you a more competitive applicant.
Be the first. Properties move quickly.
In competitive markets, it is crucial to submit your application quickly. Share your Turnkey profile with one click & beat the crowd.
Less chit-chat.
Having trouble getting timely responses from landlords? Share your Turnkey profile to reduce requests for additional information and further questions.
Accountability Matters.
Having a bad landlord can be a headache. User reviews hold both renters & landlords accountable during the rental process.
How does it work?
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Download Turnkey and make the rental application process a breeze
Note: We are still testing and building the final version of the app. Help us build the app by downloading and providing your feedback here.